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I am attempting to create a list of all the Statler's managers. This is obviously not complete. I am still attempting to find information on many of these men. If you have any information on a Statler manager please send me an e-mail.

Frederick B. Bergman (Feb 6,1915 - ?)

Bergman opened the Statler. E.M. tended to hire outgoing popular men to open his hotels. This was a means of getting in good with the local society. Bergman was described as a man of continental training with attire that was the last word in appropriateness. Bergman later moved on to the Hotel Pennsylvania before leaving the company for other endeavors.

Harry Zees (? - ?)

The only information I have on Harry Zees is that he succeeded Bergman and preceded Klare.

H. William KlareH. William Klare (? 1920's ?)

H. William Klare was one of the men whom Statler was grooming for corporate leadership. He established for himself a good record at Detroit, managing it throughout much of the 1920's. Among other things, he started a campaign to combat glass and china breakage which was adopted by the other Statlers.

J. Henry Pichler (? - 1937)

Pichler followed Klare until his retirement in 1937. His last day on the job included a surprise party held in room 536 in his honor.

Ward B. JamesWard B. James (August 5, 1937 - 1938)

James had the job after Pichler. He had previously worked at Detroit as an assistant manager under Klare. Prior to that he had worked at the executive offices in Buffalo.

He managed the St. Louis Statler before returning to Detroit as its manager. He is identified as the manager in charge during the Terrace Room/Lounge Bar alterations.

Daniel F. Furrey (1938 - 1942)

Not much is known of Furrey. He took the helm from Ward B. James in 1938. Furrey would manage the hotel until 1942 when he resigned.

Fred G. Kenney, circa 1927Fred G. Kenney (Jan 1942 - Oct 1942)

Fred G. Kenney was assistant credit manager at the Hotel Pennsylvania. He later opened the Boston Statler as its credit manager. The photo on the right shows him at that time in his life.

Kenney did not remain in Detroit long. He was given the job of opening the new Washington D.C. Statler as its manager in 1942. This was a great honor. The D.C. Statler was the first major hotel built since the start of the Depression.

H.C. BlunckH. C. Blunck (Oct 1942 - 1945)

Before coming to Detroit H.C. Blunck had been the manager of the Statler operated Hotel William Penn in Pittsburgh. He took over from Fred Kenney in October 1942.

Blunck's watch would not be an easy one. He managed the hotel during the height of the Second World War. During this time he faced problems with staffing, overcrowding, as well as obtaining supplies. However, both Blunck and the Statler survived the war. Blunck was rewarded with the manager's position at the DC Statler in 1945.

J.C. MeachamJ. C. Meacham (1945 - 1951)

J.C. Meacham (left) started with the Statler Company at Detroit in 1923. His ability eventually gained him the management positions of the William Penn in Pittsburgh, then leased by Statler, as well as the Statler in St. Louis.

He returned to Detroit in 1945 succeeding HC Blunck as general manager. Meacham guided the hotel during the critical postwar years when the hotel industry fell on hard times. His efforts were recognized when he received the position of general manager of the new Los Angeles Statler Center in 1951. This was quite the honor as the Los Angeles Statler was the envy of all hotelmen.

Donald MumfordDonald M. Mumford (1951 - 1956)

Taking on the reins from Meacham in 1951, Donald M. Mumford would be the last manager of the Statler era. Like his predecessors, Mumford had been built up from within the company. He started at the Hotel Pennsylvania as a credit manager. He was then given the position of general manager of the St. Louis Statler.

Mumford would guide the hotel during the Statler organization's transition from an independent corporation to part of Conrad Hilton's hotel empire. He left Detroit in 1956.

Ernest G. Stick (1956)

According to the Detroit News, he followed Mumford and was quickly succeeded by Edwards.

William H. Edwards (1956 - ?)

According to the Detroit Free Press, he succeeded Mumford. No mention is made of Stick???

Lloyd Stalcup (? - 1963 - ?)

Stalcup was the manager who oversaw the renovations of the Terrace Room and Lounge Bar.

Max Houston (? - Nov 1975)

Max Houston was the last manager of the hotel. It appears his duties continued for a few weeks following the closing as he is still described as the manager in articles published in November of 1975.

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