Forgotten Detroit
Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
In the course of my Statler research I have collected a number of items related to the hotel. Below I have provided images and descriptions of some of those items. More will be coming in the near future.
Three room keys from different eras.
A pair of glass swizzle sticks used in the Lounge Bar
Standard restaurant/banquet dinner plate.
Specially wrapped soap placed in all Statler bathrooms.
Pre-World War Two dresser tray.
Post-World War Two dresser tray.
1920's Candlestand.
Post-1938 ashtray. Used both in the guestrooms and publicrooms until the late 1950's.
Pre-1917 advertising pen.
A ticket for lunch given to attendees of an American Trucking Association convention.
A piece of Detroit Hilton stationary.
A Detroit Heritage Hotel mail-in reservation card.


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