Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
The Future???

By now I assume you've reviewed the pages outlining the Statler's glorious past and seen the pictures of its current state. Now that I may have depressed you its time for some uplifting news.

Throughout my study of the Statler I felt as if I was documenting the life of someone on death row. After seeing the hotel's shattered interiors and witnessing the demolition of Hudson's I was certain the Statler was doomed. What was frustrating was that no one else seemed to care. Even my preservation minded friends said it wasn't worth saving. The summer of 1999, however, provided hope.

That June I became aware that the city and the Greater Downtown Partnership were holding Request For Proposals for both the Statler and Kales Building. A little bit of investigative work revealed parties interested in the renovation of the Statler. Once bids were due that August I eagerly awaited the results.

interior demolitionThings don't come fast but what has happened looks promising. It appears that the Statler will be rehabbed into residential units. Thanks to the hard efforts of the Greater Downtown Partnership and the people at the Downtown Planning and Development offices E.M.'s third hotel will not become his third demolished hotel. Though the results of the RFP bids have not yet been made public (unlike the Kales Building) positive work has begun. The Statler, after years of being open to the winds, is now secured. A State funded cleanup has pumped the standing water out of the basement to allow for a more complete structural assessment. I have also since discovered a State website accepting bids for interior demolition set to begin this summer.

At the time of this writing interior demolition has started. For the first time in 25 years the Statler is showing signs of life. Soon a new chapter in its story will begin.

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Last updated on 11-14-01