Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
A Family goes to the Statler

AdvertisementIt is the middle of June, 1952. You, a hardworking department store manager from Battle Creek, are looking into the possibility of treating your wife Mary and your two children Tom and Sara to a vacation. Unfortunately you don't have the time nor finances for a long trip so you'll have to settle for a destination you can visit during a weekend. Then it hits you! Why not pack the family into the car and take them to Detroit!

Your family has never been to Detroit. You, however, had gone there on business once. You didn't get to see much of the town but you remember staying at the Fort Shelby Hotel, not a bad place. It seems natural to select the Fort Shelby as your hotel for this trip.

Then, while reading your morning paper, you spot this advertisement. "No room charge for children under 14!" the ad proclaims in flashy text. On the bottom you note it is an ad for the Hotel Statler. You had heard of the Statler hotels before. Several friends had stayed at Statlers before and gave them rave reviews. The features sound great, and the price is right. The memories of the crowded conditions of hotels during the war are still strong. You send a teletype to the Statler requesting a reservation for a double studio room for the weekend after next.

Statler or Bust!!!Your family is naturally pleased to hear of the coming trip to the dynamic city, and no less pleased to hear that they will stay at a Statler!

With the arrival of the following Friday, you pack your wife and kids into the car and hit the road. Luckily for you its only a two hour drive so you don't have to put up with "Are we there yet?" too many times.

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