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Come on In!!!A year by year rundown of a hotel's life, floor plans, photos, and artifacts tell us much of a hotel's story. But the very life of any hotel is not what happens in the lobbies or dining rooms. Rather it is the experience of the countless guest who stay a night or two.

Since the Statler is no longer open, nor does the Statler chain exist we find it no longer possible to pack our bags and stay a night at the Statler. But with the information historical sources provide and a little bit of imagination we can picture ourselves in a time when a Statler stay was the highlight of any trek to Detroit.

I present to you the Virtual Stay. Here you will find illustrated imaginary visits to the Statler from the viewpoint of three of the hotel's core customers from three different eras. You can relive the experience of a traveling salesman of 1915. See how a convention would function in the late 1930's. You can even tag along on a family vacation to 1950's Detroit! So select a stay and enjoy all the Statler had to offer!

The Salesman
The Conventioneer
The Traveling Family
The Salesman (1915)
Coming Soon
The Conventioneer (1938)
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The Traveling Family (1952)

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