Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
The Photo Gallery
These are a group of interesting historical photographs for which I couldn't find a spot to include elsewhere. They are included on this page for your enjoyment.
An elevated view from the late teens or early twenties. A portion of the Tuller Hotel is visible.
A group of Statlerites poses in front of the smokestack for this twenties roof photo.
Mrs. J.C. Meacham, the wife of the then Statler manager had this photo taken of herself in the late forties. Behind her is the famous and now razed Hudson's Department Store.
A late forties Christmas party underway in the living room of the manager's apartment. Room 328 to be exact (on the 6th floor).
Veteran Statler chief Lewitt demonstrates the preparation of corned beef and cabbage for cartoonist George McManus, creator of the characters Jiggs and Maggie. July 1st, 1922.
A luncheon held in one of the Statler's private dining rooms in honor of Austrian surgeon Dr. Adolf Lorenz, famed for his bloodless operations. March, 1922.
One of the displays from Manager H. William Klare's anti-breakage campaign set up in one of the hotel's private dining rooms. March, 1922.
Buffet provided in the ballroom for the Michigan Hotel Association convention, October, 1924.
Hudson Super Jet in the lobby of the Statler Hotel. Courtesy of the Detroit Historical Museum and Jack Miller
A classic fifties automobile is lifted to the ballroom floor via the hoist.

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