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The Lounge Bar
The Lounge Bar

Complementing the new Terrace Room, an art-moderne cocktail lounge named the Lounge Bar was installed. This occupied the portion of the 1916 addition's ground floor closest to Washington Blvd.

The most prominent feature was the 54 foot trefoil bar, which was a segment of a circle with a color scheme that included walnut, gold, and ebony black. The bar was ringed by stools with red Morocco leather tops, aluminum legs and broad bands of gold as reinforcement. The carpet had the effect of autumn leaves with a color design matching the scheme of the room.

Over the bar was a huge mural portraying "The Age of the Vintner." It was classical in treatment and done by Paul Riba. The wall behind the bar, that along Washington Blvd. was covered with a massive flesh colored mirror of over 1000 square feet.

The Surrey RoomThe lounge chairs were walnut with light leather backs and seats. The tables had black tops with wide gold metal border stripes. The wall benches were covered with red Morocco leather and were 140 feet long, running on three sides of the room.

The gold topped terrace railings had a Swedish motif and were striking in their elegance. The ceiling lights had three chief colors, red, white and blue. The Lounge Bar, along with the Terrace Room proved Rorimer's skill had not diminished.

In 1963 the Lounge Bar was completely redecorated as the Surrey Room. The art-moderne design was replaced with wood paneling, fake wine kegs in the walls, and a new bar. The decor changed though the basic function of the space remained the same. The Surrey Room was later renamed the Silver Dollar Buffet.


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