Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
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The Main Lobby
The main lobby

The lobby was situated on the north end of the ground floor, facing the park. The room ran the whole width of the hotel with entrances on both Washington Blvd. and Bagley Ave. The lobby proper measured 92 by 48 feet and had a height of two stories. Facing the park were five arched windows. Opposite these were balcony lounges with wrought iron railings.

Massive Doric columns and pilasters gave the room a strong classical look. The walls were paneled with the finest white marble. The plaster ceiling was covered with classical ornament. From the centers of its shallow vaults hung 5 splendid globe chandeliers. The elegant effect was finished with a wide assortment of European art and potted palms. This room bore some resemblance to the lobby of the earlier Cleveland Statler.

Attached to the main lobby was a smaller office lobby. This room was of identical design to the main lobby giving the pair the appearance of one large room. This unique arrangement had a very real purpose. It kept the business functions of the hotel separate from the lounge atmosphere of the main lobby.

On the east side of the office lobby the hotel offices were set behind a magnificent oak counter. Just opposite, on the west side was a cigar and news stand. At the south end of this lobby was the elevator lobby. 4 public elevators were framed by marble lined staircases. Sharing the same shafts with the public elevators were the service elevators with the kitchen behind them.

The lobby fell victim to the renovations of the 1960's. A floor was dropped over both the main lobby and office lobby to create space on the mezzanine for the Hilton Rooms, a series of conference rooms. In addition, the main lobby was reduced to half of its size with the half nearest Bagley Ave. being turned into a special entrance for the Trader Vic's restaurant and the portion facing Grand Circus Park being given over to small shops. The whole area was redecorated in a characterless commercial style.

The main lobby


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