Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
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The Ballroom Kitchen

The kitchens of the Statler were special facilities. E.M. Statler was one of the first to realize the importance of kitchen placement. The usual practice was the place kitchens down in the basement where space was less valuable. However, Statler placed his kitchens next to the facilities they served. In Detroit the kitchens were in the middle of the floor with the restaurants and dining rooms and room service elevators placed around them.

There were three large kitchens in the hotel. The largest of these was on the ground floor. Directly above this was a smaller kitchen which served the executive and employee dining rooms on the mezzanine. Again, directly above this was another large banquet kitchen. Placing the kitchens in such a fashion allowed for the easy transport of goods between them.

J.C. Meacham in the main kitchenEach kitchen featured the latest equipment. Statler officials were constantly looking for ways to save employee labor and maximize efficiency For example, automatic conveyers carried dirty dishes from the dining rooms to the dishrooms. In addition the kitchens were constantly reorganized to serve changing needs. When this happened the kitchen staff were asked for input on improving design. The end result were magnificent plants which produced the finest food in Detroit with remarkable speed.

Most of the kitchen equipment was sold in 1976.


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