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The Grill Room
The Grill

On the Washington Blvd. side of the ground floor were two restaurants which were smaller then the main dining room but no less stunning. The largest of these was the Grill. The Grill measured 43 by 82 feet. While the bulk of the hotel's interiors were of Italian design, Rorimer broke the pattern and gave the Grill an English flavor. The room featured rich oak paneling and wrought iron light fixtures.

Perhaps this dark oak paneling was considered too depressing by 1937. When it came time to select a space to add a new bar and restaurant the Grill was passed up and instead was gutted and became a retail arcade. The oak paneling and wrought iron fixtures from the Grill and neighboring Men's Cafe were installed in two new meeting rooms on the ballroom floor, the English Room and Oak Foyer.

The new arcade, called the Platinum Promenade, connected the Terrace Room and Lounge Bar to the lobby. It was designed in the 'modern classical style' with walls of gray hardwood set off with aluminum trim. The arcade in the 1970'sFurnishings consisted of specially designed chairs with yellow backs and seats. The carpeting was a forest green with black figures and a wide black border.

Along the Washington Blvd. side of the Promenade one would find the finest shops. The opposite side featured restrooms, coatrooms, and a special elevator to the ballroom floor.

The Platinum Promenade was, in turn, redecorated in a modern 1960's style.


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