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The Grand Ballroom
The Ballroom

The keystone of the ballroom floor was the Grand Ballroom. Located directly over the lobby and measuring 47 by 100 feet, the ballroom was the largest room in the hotel. It could accommodate 1000 for meetings and 600 for banquet.

The decorative scheme followed the classical theme used throughout the hotel. On three of the walls were large windows which were framed by ionic pilasters. The south wall had balconies as well as large doors which connected the ballroom to the other function rooms. Finishing the effect, the ballroom's ceiling was a shallow vault from which hung three massive crystal chandeliers.

The BallroomThe ballroom was connected to the elevators by a spacious octagonal foyer. Just off this foyer was a special ballroom elevator which could speed guest attending functions straight from the lobby to the ballroom without disrupting the hotel's other guest. This arrangement would make its way into future Statler Hotels.

Of the large public rooms, the stately ballroom was the least affected by time. Following the Second World War the light fixtures and drapes were replaced with art-moderne styled items. The hall was painted light blue with white details. Later this decorative scheme was redone with brass light fixtures and gold paint. Between 1973 and 1975 the ballroom received one final makeover with the removal of the ionic pilasters.

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