Metropolitan Building
The Metropolitan in photos



When I first visited the Metropolitan Building in early 2000 I was struck both by its beauty and potential. Although water damage was extensive the building was far from the unsettling wreak that is the United Artists Theater or Statler Hotel. The building's unique floorplate and its location seemed ideal for loft conversion.

Three years later my initial impressions were reinforced by the prospects of the building's conversion into 60 lofts. That summer crews went to work clearing out what debris remained in the building. Since then the crews have left, little has been heard on the status of renovations and vandals resume their occasional break-ins.

When I returned to the building in early 2004 the results of the cleanup were very apparent. The floors throughout the building have been cleared of the vast bulk of debris that we had found earlier. The building was soaked like a sponge. Melting snow resulted in large puddles on several floors. In areas with fallen plaster remaining on the floor the result was a thick layer of sludge.

Puddles and sludge aside, the building still appears to be in good condition. Since the time of my first visit the surrounding area has seen a great revival. Most of the Metropolitan's neighbors on Broadway have been rehabbed. To the south a new YMCA will be built. Recent loft developments on Woodward are also adding a residential presence to the area. Even if the rumored loft conversion doesn't materialize it can only be a short while before more plans come to fruition.


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