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Grand River and Beverly Court.Exploring the Ruins

Included among the material presented on this site are interior photos of vacant structures in Detroit. I have included these images because I feel they are important tools for illustrating the history and structural condition of the buildings. They should not be seen as promotions for exploring these or other vacant structures.

Plainly stated, exploring ruins is dangerious and often illegal. The buildings often have structural damage, molds, asbestos, and winos. You could not only be hurt, you could die. You will also be arrested if you are caught. I have these images on the website as a means of allowing you to visit these ruins from the safety of your home. It was my hope that by providing these images I would make it so people wouldn't have to put themselves at risk.

If you do feel compelled to explore I suggest asking permission to do so. Often enough you will be pleasantly suprised.


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