Fisher Body



My feelings about the future of Fisher are mixed. On one hand the building appears to be very solid. Its heavy concrete construction could hold up hundreds of years. Only one of the side buildings, separate from the main structure, appeared to have structural failure. From what I could judge it would take a B-52 strike to do much damage.

fisher garbageWhile vandalism is present it appears mild and non-threatening to the structure itself. Unlike other buildings where valuable ornament has been stolen or smashed, there is little of value inside Fisher. Most vandalism appears to be broken windows and spray paint. However, incidents of vandalism to the building should be reduced now that the building has finally been boarded up.

The basic design of the building seems adaptable to a variety of uses. There are no load bearing interior walls so the large column filled interiors could be reconfigured to virtually any need. Obvious reuses would include some type of industrial, warehouse, or lofts. Its a matter of demand.

Demand is one of the building's potential problems. I'm not certain that an industrial or loft development in a building of this size could currently be supported in the area. Hopefully my conclusion is wrong.

Another possible roadblock would be any contamination on site. Industrial sites can be home to all types of "goodies". I'm certain Fisher is no exception. Depending on the level, this could add dramatically to any redevelopment cost.

In the end I have to say that Fisher Body 21 is in the wrong place at the wrong time. It can be hoped that it will remain sound and standing long enough to again be a desirable property.

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Last updated on November 5, 2005