11 - 18 - 02

I have yet to add the history sections (will happen soon), but I have added the photos and thoughts for two new buildings!

Fisher Body 21 is the first industrial ruin to be featured here.

Likewise, St Cyrils fits as the only church and school on the site.

10 - 15 - 02 Detroit's Statler and Book-Cadillac Hotels: The Anchors of Washington Blvd is now available to purchase from this site! Details here.
9 - 26 - 02

Some big updates to celebrate a completed project...

  1. The Madison and UA Theater sections have been redone in the new format.
  2. Added some new links, check em out!
  3. My site received another media award!
  4. Lastly, I announce the completion of a project I have been working on for several months. A photo history book on the Statler and Book-Cadillac will soon be available! Check here for more.

More updates coming soon!

7 - 21 - 02

A few things...

  1. I finally added the Kales Building to the site.
  2. Some mods to the links page.
5 - 7 - 02

Whew!!! Another semester finished! Time to celebrate with a site update.

  1. I debated the merits of puting some MCS material back online but decided to go ahead. It was, after all, the MCS that started this site in the first place.
  2. I added the Adams Theater back to the site.
  3. Added the National Theater as well.
  4. Added the Metropolitan Building.
  5. Updated the appearance of the UA pages
  6. Added a page of awards and articles this site has received.
  7. Updated the index page, about page, and the toc in response to other updates.

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