Forgotten Detroit


The argument that the Madison-Lenox had to come down immediately because it was a public hazard is laughable at best. Clearly the building was a hazard to anyone insane enough to climb through a second floor window. However, the structure was solid and was not in danger of collapse. There are countless buildings in the city that are a hazard, being more accessible or collapsing, some downtown. Thousands of abandoned homes litter neighborhoods. Was the Madison-Lenox more dangerous then the house seen below? Of course, these buildings are not near where people attending sporting events will be.

The most disturbing thing about the Madison-Lenox's demolition is the dangerous precedent it sets for other buildings. Laws and procedures are meaningless if there is no repercussions for blatantly violating them. Can't get your way? Just knock it down anyway and you won't even get a slap on the wrist. In the wake of this event it is hard to be hopeful of the future.

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Last updated on September 8, 2005