Forgotten Detroit
Adams Theater


My optimism for the future of the Adams died the day I first saw the condition of its interior back in 1999. The events of the past six years has done nothing to change that. The auditorium is in just as poor condition, if not worse, as the UA. I suppose the Opera House (Capitol Theater) was in horrible shape when it was restored. But the Madison Theater was in better shape then the Adams and it fell.

With the demolition spree occurring around Grand Circus Park lately I hope that at least the Fine Arts Building survives. It is one of the better buildings in the city, structurally separate from the theater, and an important element that face of the park. Its structural condition is deplorable and the building would have to be rebuilt from within the shell. Whether or not it can be saved is beyond my expertise. I can only hope so.

I am more troubled by the actions of the building's owners then I am by the structural condition. Over the years they have done little to protect their properties from the elements and vandalism. There is a reason the buildings are in as poor shape as they are. Recently, in a high profile case, they demolished one of their properties that was in much better condition structurally then the Adams/Fine Arts. Hardly encouraging circumstances. As stated previously, I can only hope for the best.

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Last updated on November 18, 2005